La Petite Bretagne: a culinary journey to Brittany

Have you ever been to Brittany? It is the western region of France, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Brittany is well known in France and in the world for their cider, their crepes and also the beautiful landscapes and historic sites such as St-Malo.  Well, it looks like you won't have to cross the Channel… Continue reading La Petite Bretagne: a culinary journey to Brittany


Another Day, Another Year

I have convinced myself that, with each new year, something new & exciting would come along. I mean, as soon as those fireworks shoot into the sky at midnight on New Years Eve, all you hear is, “New year, new me!” The reality however? 75% or more of people give up on their pre-planned resolutions… Continue reading Another Day, Another Year

Friends and the City

I have always been a big Sex and the City fan, so when I learnt that my friend's birthday theme was this classic of a show, I knew that it would be fun. There is just something about this show that makes women feel understood. Even though they represent a specific category in society (not… Continue reading Friends and the City

“It’s always sunny in Lewisham”

The end of the summer is almost there and so is the end of what has been a great way to spend our summer evenings :  Street Feast Model Market. If you haven't heard of it, I recommend you to pop there before it disappears for a good six months.  South London is the home of… Continue reading “It’s always sunny in Lewisham”

Carnival of Colours

After a great Saturday spent on the river, my best friend and I thought we could treat ourselves to a lovely afternoon tea by Hyde Park. I mean, that was our plan until I remembered that it was Notting Hill Carnival weekend and I decided to mention it to her. That's when she said that… Continue reading Carnival of Colours