About me and you.


Welcome, Bienvenue!

My name is Amina and I live in London. I have moved here 4 years ago with dreams and all other unicorn and fairy dust related illusions.

I am nowhere near what I hoped I would become, but I don’t think I am further than I was when I first dreamed about my goals. Actually, I am getting closer.

I am still trying everyday, in all the possible ways, to get to my destination.  I sometimes fail but at least I try.

I have come to this city with dreams of becoming a writer… Four years later, here I am writing the about section of my first blog ever.

You must think, oh so why haven’t you done it before? Well I ask myself that question too.

See, we already have that in common.

This could be another fail or this could be the beginning of something incredible.

In both scenarios, it will be memorable.