Nothing is Everything

After 12 hours and a half of travel, I have made it to Switzerland. You must wonder: how is it possible to take that much time to get to Geneva… the thing is, I am the type of person who loves adventures and by adventures, I mean unsolicited ones. For example, getting lost when really, all you want is to find your way.
I am a strong advocate to wanderlust but this journey, my friend, felt more like being blindfolded in an urban jungle.

Let’s start from the beginning: my flight from London Heathrow was at 7:00 am. Meaning, unless you can afford a cab ride to the airport (bear in mind, I live on the other side of the city), you have to leave your house about 5 hours prior your flight, which I did.

And then, after landing in Geneva at 9:30 am, I had to head to my sister’s house which is on the other side of the lake. However, because I am a very lucky person, and everything always goes my way, I have missed the 10:30 bus. As a consequence, I arrived in my sister’s town at 13:30. I got stuck for about two hours in Geneva city center.

This could have been great if I did not have a suitcase to carry around with me, the good part is I have still managed to enjoy a long walk along the lake and the harbour and took some great pictures.

This is the story of how it took me 12 hours to get to where I had to be.

Anyways, I was in no rush… I am not planning on being in a rush for the next few days: no alarm, no calls, nothing. I am hoping I can write more during my stay but I truly doubt it. I will certainly do nothing. Not really used to doing nothing.

Feels weird saying it:  N O T H I N G. 
The risk, when you decide to have a break from everything, is that you can end up pretty much bored as hel. I don’t usually have the luxury to be bored, it is a forbidden pleasure in my London life. Not that everything I do is fun, it is just that I don’t have time for it. I never have a chance to get to the point where I am literally dying to do something. By the time that my day is finished, and I have managed to do the strict minimum I had planned to do, it is already 11 pm and i have to start making decisions on whether I should sacrifice my sleep or do additional things…

[insert all the annoying things I have to do in my everyday life]

See, this won’t happen here. Goodbye stressful days…

Hello procrastination! 


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