This is England!

So, this is it. I’ve done it: I’ve finally travelled to England. As funny as it sounds, I have finally experienced the feeling of being in England. It was short, but it was intense.

If you’ve read my previous article, you are probably well aware that I had never been further north than London. I thought that this ignorance was a curse or a burden that only us foreigners carried. Surprisingly, we are not the only ones and English people themselves (or should I say Londoners) carry the same prejudice against the north and northerners.

There were two ladies on my outbound train who happened to be from London, and they had never been in Liverpool before. Moreover, by the sound of their jokes about cloudy days and rainy nights, they did not seem to have the most positive opinion on the north part of their country.

Now, here is Peter’s opinion, born and bred in Merseyside to the sound of the Beatles:


Well, I have only stayed there for 48h and I can tell where he gets that from. The city of the Liver birds is certainly the most surprising city I’ve had the chance to visit in England.

The main reason is, this experience felt like home away from home, as in you don’t feel like you are discovering something new (in all the right ways). It felt like coming back to somewhere I’ve always known, almost as missing something you never had. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that, here in Liverpool, people have time and they are ready to share it with you.

In Liverpool, you get to have the river and the sea. And how good does it feel to just sit by the water… and think. Think about what could be your life here (how much you would save on rent, for instance).
The docks are such a beautiful place to have a walk and are colourfully decorated all year round, making you feel like there is always something to celebrate.

The Albert Dock
There are a lot of things to do in London, that is for sure. But what is the point if you can’t do them? What is the point if you are constantly frustrated, late or lonely? I could dedicate a whole article about how I feel like my days are wasted in London…

This is what we, Londoners, do, we claim that we live in the best city of the world, and still, we spend our days talking badly of it. All you can hear is Londoners complaining about London.

All the Liverpudlians I have met during my time there have taught me so much about their history and their local culture. They have shared their passion for their hometown and I feel overwhelmed by love.

It felt great meeting people who are happy to be where they are; people who would not change it for anything in the world.

And although I am currently sat on the floor of the train, I wouldn’t change my weekend for anything in the world either.


4 thoughts on “This is England!”

    1. Thank you for your reply! Yes I really do want people to visit this city and find out by themselves of how good it is.. nothing is perfect but this is a lovely place and it deserved some light!


  1. We do get a raft of visitors from various parts of UK but by far the most noticeable throughout the Summer particularly are the amount of Non British visiting the City, Liverpool One & the Mathew Street area are attracting more & more !


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