North of the Wall

Today on the train – #girlonthetrain
First of all, let’s clear out any misconceptions. This is not an article about Game of Thrones or some type of review. Sorry if you are disappointed or feeling betrayed… I did not mean to. We all get wrong impressions sometimes, don’t we?
Anyways, we WILL be talking about the north today. Just another type of north.


I don’t know if you have noticed but I am the French Londoner. WHY? Because I am French and I live in London, UK. As simple as that.

So the whole point of pointing out the fact that I am French is because, for most Europeans who come to London led by ambition, dreams, or despair, the furthest north they’ve been is north of the river. By north of the river I mean, Camden or sometimes Luton Airport when they’re are visiting their family but are short on money. You can even catch some people saying that Watford, St Albans or even Luton are situated in the north of England.. (I know, ridiculous right?).

It breaks my heart to say so.. but I am one of them. Not exactly as described above because this is quite extreme. But, I do tell people that I live in England, and, when I get asked where I’ve been, I realise that I have no idea what’s happening outside of London. The furthest I’ve been north IS Luton Airport. (Sorry, sorry, sorry)

However, today is the end of my ignorance. I am currently sitting on a Virgin Train, on one of those non-reserved seats that you have to rush for. Today, I am going to Liverpool.

I know, I know.. it is not exactly the highest point of England in terms of latitude, left aside the U.K. However, I am proud of myself. It’s about time I start exploring my surroundings, here in my residence country, instead of always looking for ways to escape it.

I have to mention that the train tickets’ price was very close to a flight ticket to Europe. Obviously, it cannot be perfect, and if you want something, you have to pay for it. But I’m glad. I’m glad I did. Actually, I’m glad I said yes.

It was not my idea. I cannot take credit for it, that would be lying to you. I want this blog to be a safe space where I can be myself and you can see me. This is why, I haven’t written anything for a little time now. My mind was elsewhere, and since I couldn’t say anything positive, I decided to stay silent.

So yes, Glen and Abi, very good friends of mine who always want me good because I am good and so they are and all is good, have invited me to join them in this little adventure (Glen is from Liverpool so… not really an adventure for him.. but oh well!)

And I cannot wait to see what this city has to offer!

Wanderlust is a little bit like falling in love. It can happen anywhere, with anyone.

So yes, sometimes you do have to go north of the wall to find out it was a WONDERWALL



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