Wild Heart, Free Spirit.

I think this is what we fear.

Picture Credit: helena_girlgone

Picture this:

The clouds are rolling, they are getting darker and heavier as the sun attempts to escape and hide behind the surface of earth. The moon will soon steal the show but the wind has decided to warm up the stage. It’s singing while the moon is getting ready for her time to shine.

And as the lights are starting to fade for the show to start, the sky starts crying over the sun. The rain is slowly streaming down from the metal clouds to the tin roof, failing to stay still. Restless drops are finding their way down, splashing on the floor where they remain. Here, they finally get their rest. They cannot fall any lower.

Thunder has invited itself and the scenery now looks like an orchestra performing a symphony.

Music to our ears, that’s what it is.

Is that what we fear? The beauty of nature?

I guess we do get scared of nature sometimes: a steep cliff, lions, a dark forest, tigers, thunder, tsunamis and a million other things that are arguably mesmerising.

The beauty of it lies in the fact that it is uncontrollable. We control everything, but we can’t control nature, we can try to tame it but we can never really own it. And when it is out in the open, free to grow stronger, we are helpless. Helpless in front of so much freedom.

Why don’t we just let it go and appreciate the moment? Why does it seem so hard to embrace things that we don’t have control over?

And while the majority of people are too busy asking themselves too many questions, others are buying their tickets to the show that is their life… and they’re sitting right in the front row.

Be one of them. Be wild. Be free. 


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