Monday Mindfulness


Funny how the prompt word today is passenger because I have just boarded on my overground to hell. The carriage is so full it feels like we are being deported to another reality. A reality that is trapped between 9 am and 5 pm. A reality that probably 75% of the passengers of this train do not want to go back to. Reality has a name and its name is MONDAY.

Why do we dread Mondays so badly? I mean we have all seen or heard these crappy inspirational sentences that these patronising freelancers lifestyle bloggers like to throw in our face such as: “you don’t hate Mondays, you just hate your job”.

Well I don’t believe that I hate my job. I mean, it does get overwhelming at times when you get these late evenings where you have to absolutely finish something while the majority of the other office workers are downing pints at the pub. Still, it’s not like I am being forced to show up there everyday. It’s a choice I make every morning. I could be like “you know what? Let me sleep longer and forget about my priorities, like paying rent and bills and buying food “. However, I am sensible and This is why I will wake up and shower and get ready to start my day.

I think that the reason why we dread Mondays is not because of what we are doing during the weekdays. I think we tend to show hate to Mondays because we love Sundays too much. Because of how much we love weekends, we give that impression that we hate Mondays.

So see, we have so much fun and relaxation time on the weekend that it gets hard to adjust to a normal pace again. Week days are not boring, they are normal. (Just try to see the glass half full rather than half empty).

And seriously, all these people who brag about how they never had to work another day since they started this new plan and built up a following, and sold their soul to Instagram, and how they make you buy stuff they have not even paid for and sometimes they have not even tried, need to stop trying to fool us. Stop making it look like it’s easy because it’s not.

Of course, it would be amazing if we could all just have money appearing on our bank account each time we post a selfie of us that we have carefully edited for hours. But we don’t all have time to edit our life. Some of us just like to live and take life as it comes. So maybe yes, it’s less pretty and less colourful but we all recognise a good filter. And the most beautiful pictures are the ones that have not got any.

I am quite happy right now so I guess it’s a happy Monday right? YOU have a happy Monday my dear.

Let’s all chill out and have a Happy Monday #nofilterneeded!

via Daily Prompt: Passenger


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