Leaving on a High Note


Up up and away

I am currently in the airport, waiting for my flight, so I thought I would let you know what I am thinking about right now. This is what I do, I speak, I write, I am loud. It seems like I cannot think for myself, I have to let it all out!
I have just spent three amazing days in Amsterdam, more commonly known as the Venice of the north. It is also known for other stuff such as cheese, prostitutes, waffles and weed. Oh and maybe pancakes. The point is, this city has such a wide range of cultural activities that you can’t really go wrong… until you convince yourself that you HAVE TO do them. I have come up with a shortlist of stuff to do and places to go, hoping that I could get the best of my trip. Unfortunately, holiday planning never goes as planned. (I wonder why we call it a planning, we should call it ‘things I will hopefully do’)

Simple example: everybody was advising me to go to the Anne Frank museum. I could have followed this spontaneous suggestion and paid almost 20 euros to go and look at her life achievements and battles. Except, I have not been to the Anne Frank museum because it was 28 degrees outside and I did not feel like doing it. I have not been to Heineken Experience either. Oh, and I have not been to Van Gogh Museum. I can already hear you thinking “what? You’ve been to Amsterdam and you have not even visited a single museum ? “. Well no, and it’s not like I regret it in the end.

Let’s be realistic, I had 72 hours to spend there and if I am really that interested in the city’s history, I might as well buy a book and read about it.

Now, I did force myself to try one local activity which resulted in me going in a bad trip for half a day… you might have guessed it, I paid a short visit to a Mary Jane Temple.

I doubt that the people of Amsterdam are really going to these places. I have realised that the one thing that might not actually be a local cultural thing is smoking weed.

First of all every single place looks like a trap for tourists, but mainly because, Amsterdam being one of the only places you can smoke weed in Europe, I have the feeling that this whole weed culture has been invented by the tourists themselves.

Maybe their government have realised that one third of the European population was addicted to weed and figured out they could make money out of it? Possibly, the simple fact that it is legal here makes it an attraction. Yes, let’s call it a local attraction whether than a local culture. It attracts people but doesn’t necessarily make them more cultured.

Except the fact that it resulted into my friend going in a bad trip thinking she was gonna die, I feel like this weekend was exactly what I needed. Something different.

Sometimes, you just have to do whatever works for you. You will save yourself some fails, I promise.

500 words later, I am still here waiting to board on my delayed easyJet flight. I cannot wait to sit on my garden-chair-like seat and feel my neighbours elbows hitting me every time they move to adjust their position.

Now, let’s get high (in the air) !

Pictures of the trip are available on my instagram – @aminasoniah.



2 thoughts on “Leaving on a High Note”

  1. I feel the same! You don’t need to do the touristy stuff and museums to ‘do’ a city – as long as you enjoy yourself there and get to know the city, culture and people šŸ˜Š glad you enjoyed your trip!


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