Whatever the weather!



Have you ever had one of these mornings where you hit the snooze button a good ten times and still hope that you will leave just enough time to get ready, not look like a zombie and catch your train? Well, today was one of these mornings. And for your information, I failed. I woke up exactly 40mins later than usual. It’s not like my alarm did not ring. It did, about seven times.
I could hear the wind dancing in the rain outside, mocking me and daring me to step on this misery open air dance floor.
Yet, It seemed like I was in the mood to play with fire because I secretly enjoyed delaying that moment.

Once I finally realised it was time to face reality, I jumped out of bed and started to get ready. After taking my shower, I took some extra time to review my whole wardrobe. Bear in mind at this point, I had 12 minutes left. Although I could feel the pressure, I decided to try 4 different outfits to end up wearing the first one I had in mind.

And while I was putting some non-waterproof mascara on my lashes, my train was leaving the platform.

“It’s fine, I will get the next one!”

And I did get the next one. The thing with the 7:42 train is that it is quite difficult to catch my connection. I often miss it, but not today. Today, I felt lucky, I had two minutes to change trains.

As soon as the train stopped at my station, I ran through the doors as if I was racing for my life. The overground was still there, waiting for me, only a couple steps ahead, and, surprisingly, although it was raining, nothing could stop me. I mean, that’s how I felt until my phone decided to slip out of my pocket and attempt suicide. One week old… too young to die… I ran back to pick it up, and as I realised it was broken but alive, I thought I heard his lifeline beeping for a second. Beep beep beep.

Hold on, that’s the train leaving the platform. Without me.

I could have cried at this precise moment. No one would have noticed, it was pouring rain anyway. I started to wonder why I had even bothered wasting my time trying to look nice.

After a long commute, I finally arrived at my destination. It was now past 8:30, I was officially late for work. At least, Poundland was open, so I bought a one-pound-umbrella. Little did I know that this same umbrella would be destroyed in a battle against the triumphant wind a block later.

And this type of mornings, my friends, is why I have come up with such a positive name for my blog.

But failing doesn’t mean you lose, so for the sake of it, I put my headphones on, head up and made my way to the office singing to myself

Dear wind, you wanted me to dance with you? Well, now, sing with me.


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