Getting to work!


When someone asks me what I like to do on my free time, I often say I like to workout, cook and other inspirational stuff that people like to hear. I really do all of these things, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I don’t do it in the healthy way that I make it sound like. Gym is like an on and off passionate relationship. Everytime we spend time together, I feel fabulous and beautiful. When it’s gone, I feel miserable and unattractive. Cooking is a daily thing, like a husband waiting for me at home, when I don’t feel like cheating on him while out with my girls in a lovely restaurant or with a cheeky takeaway.

The truth is that the activity I do on a daily basis, which I often forget to account in my agenda, is commuting. Now, Commuting is a whole other type of guy, it’s that stalker that follows you all the time and that you wish would just find another person to haunt. It’s always there, in the background of your rainy morning or your sunny evening. Whatever the weather, it’s right here: sucking the life out of you.

My total commuting time in a day is two hours and thirty minutes. If I am lucky, I will read the free morning papers you can get on the tube. I say if I am lucky because I always forget to pick it up so, most of the times, I pray very hard for someone to leave theirs behind.
If I am not lucky (meaning, if people show a bit of civility and actually throw their paper), I will spend the whole journey daydreaming, listening to Romeo Santos, and contemplating being on a beach on the eastern side of Dominican Republic sipping on a pina colada.

I could also spend that time imagining what I would have become if I stayed with my high school boyfriend, my first love: Writing.

Writing. Don’t know what happenned to that guy… He used to always be on my mind. Constantly. This morning, I took out my phone and decided to reach out to him. As I unlocked my screen, my fingers slowly found their way to the notes app and these words came out.

The words you are currently reading.

Today is a Monday and any resolution should start on a Monday. The only exception is New Years resolutions. Actually, let’s call it a new week resolution. From today, I will use that time to express myself. No excuses, new week, new me.

I know it is not perfect, but I am happy with writing. We are taking a fresh start, and Mr Commuting can watch me, he’ll find me busy with “Mr. Write“.

Now, let’s get to work, shall we?

Merry Monday and happy new week everyone.


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